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The use of this database is limited to scientific and non-commercial purpose only, in the computer science domain.

For instance, you are allowed to split the images, through the use of segmentation algorithms.
You can also use pieces of this database to illustrate your research in publications and presentations.
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Version 3 - July 2019

  • 100 pages
  • 850 panels
  • 1081 balloons
  • 1620 comic characters
  • 4693 text lines
- add missing comic character and balloon associations
- fix two wrong comic character / balloon associations
- fix one Japanese character transcription
- replace negative polygon point coordinates by zero

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Version 2 - June 2014

  • 100 pages
  • 850 panels
  • 1092 balloons
  • 1550 comic characters
  • 4691 text lines
- Japanese text transcription
- Comic character locations
- Pixel level balloon segmentation
- Semantic relations between spoken text lines, speech balloons and speaking characters

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Version 1 - August 2013

  • 100 pages
  • 848 panels
  • 1091 balloons
  • 4667 text lines
- Japanese text transcription are missing (files INOUE_KYOUMEN_0xx.svg)
- French accents and cedilla may be not transcribed properly (e.g. É, È, À, Ç, é, è, à, ç transcribed as E, A, C, e, a, c)
- The metadata "queueDirection" has been renamed to "tailDirection" to be more explicit

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- add idPanel attribute (parent) to balloon and comic character polygon tags
- add names to comic characters (+ unamed)
- add comic character segmentation masks